First Choice is the right choice

At First Choice NW, we believe that the most effective way to provide appraisal management services is to have a strong geographical knowledge of the area you are serving. By focusing our expertise solely on our Western region, we are able to develop more personal relationships with our Clients and customize our service to meet your needs.

Appraiser Independence Compliant


A Measure of Our Excellence

This is what sets First Choice apart from the competition. After all, we recognize that our role in the transaction can greatly impact the lives of several people and we take great pride in that role. We score our appraisers on every request based on professionalism, timeliness, courtesy, and quality of the service they provide. The key to our ranking system is communication. We engage appraisers that maintain open communication during the process so we can keep all parties up to date on our progress.

   Our QC team works directly with appraisers to ensure your requirements are followed to avoid costly delays.

   Every single appraisal is hand reviewed by a licensed appraiser based on your underwriting guidelines and reporting standards.

   Appraisers new to First Choice are closely monitored during their first few orders until we are confident they are qualified to receive a higher ranking.


Seven Reasons to Work With Us

Seven reasons to work with First Choice Northwest
  1. Proven Experience. This isn't a new game for us. First Choice is independently owned and founded by a Certified Appraiser with nearly 20 year’s experience in our local markets.
  2. Dedicated Service. We have the processes, technology, and personnel in place to support your operational goals.
  3. Elite Management Team. We’re a ‘hands on’ management company. With our dedicated team, open communication style, and a high level of respect we attract an elite crew ready to meet your needs quickly and accurately.
  4. Quality You Can Count On. No computer scanning programs here. A licensed appraiser reviews every report prior to delivery to ensure compliance with your reporting guidelines.
  5. Reliable Relationships. Nobody is off-limits at First Choice. There’s no automated lines that lead to endless voicemails. We’re real people who deliver real results.
  6. Complete Confidence. We are up to date on all regulations concerning appraisals and actively involved in legislation and advocacy for our industry.
  7. Regional Expertise. You have a choice. Voice your power by choosing a local company dedicated to your markets and operated by Appraisers.


You Can Count on Us

There are many AMCs in this industry but none that parallel the First Choice NW commitment to service and teamwork.

Client Testimonials

"Thank you so very much for coming to our sales meeting yesterday. My advisors kept coming up to me all day telling me how valuable it was. Having a relationship and an understanding of the complexities of this business from both sides of the fence allows us to deal with issues in a professional manner." — JS, Branch Manager

"We all appreciate the well thought out response. This type of service is what separates your firm from the competition. Thank you very much." — AC, Branch Manager

"Just wanted to say thank you to all for helping on this file – this is the first loan for a new retail branch and pretty much my first time with a disputed appraisal in a long time.

First Choice pulled a rabbit out of a hat getting the final appraisal back to us within 5 hours at value!"
— HM, Underwriter

"I just received a VA appraisal back in less than 5 days. Turn times have been so, so good - three days for an FHA appraisal makes my business crank!

Keep it up. Let your team know it's greatly appreciated."
— DG, Mortgage Advisor

"First Choice had this condition turned around in ½ hour. Doesn’t get much better than that!" — MM, Mortgage Advisor

"I know that you usually hear from me when I am having problems or an issue-so I wanted to reach out when that is not the case...I wanted to let you know that Trina Harings does an exceptional job communicating, taking time to let me know when something is going on, and handling anything that comes up...and I so appreciate it! Thanks for all that you guys do!" — DM, Mortgage Advisor

Appraiser Testimonials

"Your company has been one of the fairest around (and I've heard that from several appraisers) thank you for caring about not only the quality of the appraisal but the appraiser as well. We appreciate it" — LM, Appraiser

"I think very highly of FCAM- the due dates are reasonable (enough time is given to schedule and complete the assignment), your website is easy to use, your communications are clear, and your payments are processed in a timely fashion-what more could a girl ask for?" — VZ, Appraiser

"I wanted to write and let you know how much I appreciate being able to count on the payments you send every two weeks. There is nothing worse than completing an assignment and waiting months to find out IF you will be paid. This is why First Choice is one of my top clients, and I give your work my priority. Thanks for treating your appraisers so fairly!" — SH, Appraiser

"I am an Appraiser and I love working with First Choice! They are by far the best AMC I have ever worked with. The staff is very knowledgeable, pleasant, and easy to work with." — AS, Appraiser

"Choice staff works to mitigate any unnecessary lender/client conditions. The reviewers are actually familiar with appraising! Sadly this is not seen with many other AMCs.

First Choice Appraisal Management is one of the BEST companies I have had the pleasure of doing business with. Whenever I have a question it is always responded to quickly and professionally."
— KH, Appraiser

"I am an appraiser here in the Seattle metro area. The folks at First Choice Appraisal Management are friendly, professional and very easy to work with. I wish all of the management companies I work with could be as good as these guys." — GS, Appraiser

"I couldn’t imagine using anyone else! You are always there when we need it." — BN, Processor


Offering Service Above Self... Always

We understand the changing dynamics of the industry and we know the problems appraisers and lenders face on a daily basis. When you choose First Choice Northwest you will learn what it is like to work with an Appraisal Management Company that views you as a partner, with respect and teamwork being the driving force between our business relationship.

First Choice Northest Client Solutions
First Choice Northwest Client Solutions

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First Choice is the Right Choice.

First Choice Northwest is an independently owned appraisal management company founded by a Certified Appraiser with nearly 20 years’ experience in the business.

Our mission is to preserve the integrity of the appraisal industry while providing a valuable service to local lenders who choose to work with us. We ensure that appraisers are provided an environment free of pressure or undue influence, and that the service we provide exceeds expectations- not just the first time, but every time.

Business Matters.

Oregon Mortgage Association

We are honored to be a member of the Oregon Mortgage Association, which serves to represent the residential and real estate finance industry before governing bodies. OMA encourages and promotes sound business practices and honesty in marketing, origination, lending, and servicing of mortgage loans.

Washington Association for Mortgage Professionals

We are honored to be a member of the Washington Association of Mortgage Professionals and share their dedication to the representation and education of licensed mortgage professionals, creating a more competitive and informed marketplace

Relationships Matter.

We nurture our relationships with respect and accountability. Instead of being an unreachable entity hiding behind software, extensions, departments, and automated systems we have a committed team of support specialists ready to serve you. Instead of being a name or a number on a long list of appraisers fighting for work, we seek the best appraiser for each job. We have solid relationships with our appraisers in all markets across our coverage area, and we partner with clients who appreciate our dedication to quality, integrity, and reliability.

Teams Matter.

At First Choice we believe that Value is more than a number and that excellence is never an accident. It is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities.